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This Month's Life Skills and Writing Assignment

Foundational Program

  • Perseverance - Do your best and never give up

Leadership Program

  • Humility

    • Tiger definition: Understand that there is always more to learn
    • Junior & Adult definition: Be aware of your imperfections and your capacity for growth

    Writing Assignment Topics:

    • Tigers & Juniors: Describe an experience where you suffered a setback, a defeat, or a disappointing outcome. What did you learn from this experience?
    • Teens & Adults: Same as Juniors

    Writing Assignment Options:


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Curriculum for This Cycle

Our training includes fitness development (flexibility, upper body strength, lower body strength, core strength and cardiovascular fitness), sparring, forms, board breaking, self-defense, weapons skills and kicks.

We typically hold graduations every 8 weeks. Color belt students (meaning those who are not black belts) who attend class regularly (twice a week on average) and practice at home consistently (at least twice a week for 10-15 minutes) normally will be prepared to graduate at the end of an 8-week cycle.

To be prepared to graduate, students should be able to perform the following material on the instructor's command:

  • Sparring - Each cycle, we work on several sparring drills. Students should be able to perform these drills in isolation (working with partners). Additionally, camo belts and above are required to demonstrate that they can integrate those drills into their free sparring. Learn more about our sparring curriculum here.

  • Form - Each cycle, we work on half of a form. Students should be able to perform the form by the instructor's count, demonstrating good Base (stances and starting positions), Speed and Power. Camo belts and above also should demonstrate good Balance, Trajectory, Follow Through, Precision, Joint Setup and Reaction Force.

  • Boards - Each cycle, students work on breaking a board either with a hand technique or with a kick

  • Weapons - Each cycle, we focus on either the ssahng jeol bong (nunchucks) or the bahng mahng ee (kali stick). Students should be able to perform specified techniques with the weapon

Any students who plan to graduate must submit an Intent to Promote Form certifying that they have attended class consistently, practiced outside of class, and conducted themselves in accordance with our life skills both at home and (for children) in school.

For the current graduation cycle, these are our graduation requirements:

ATA Tigers Graduation Requirements This Cycle
  White-Yellow Camo-Red
Sparring Defensive side kick Same as White-Yellow
Form Songahm 1 Phase A opp (#10-14) Songahm 1 (2nd half)
Boards Palm heel strike Same as White-Yellow
Weapons Bahng Mahng Ee: Lines 1-4 Same as White-Yellow
Family Class Graduation Requirements This Cycle
  White-Yellow Camo-Purple Blue-Red
Sparring (1) Defense against side kick (hand counter). (2) Defense against side kick (foot counter). (3) Defensive side kick Same as White-Yellow Same as White-Yellow
Form Songahm 1 (2nd half) Songahm 4 (2nd half) In Wha 2 (2nd half)
Boards Palm heel strike Backfist (gear ok) or knifehand Hammerfist (gear ok for ages 12 and under)
Weapons Bahng Mahng Ee: Lines 1-9, static blocks Same as White-Yellow Same as White-Yellow

New, Renewing & Upgrading Members


Happy Birthday!


In-Person Class Update

Adult In-Person Classes Have Begun!

We are now offering in-person classes for adults! As with the kids, you are guaranteed one in-person class each week in addition to unlimited virtual classes on Zoom. You are also permitted to attend a second in-person class by reservation, as long as there is space available.

If you have not yet completed the Adult Outdoor Class Assignment Request, please do so now. If you have completed it, you can find your class assignments in our Mobile Dojahng.  That is also where you can reserve a second in-person class if there is space available.

Please note the following:

  • These classes will meet outdoors in the parking lot on the east side of our building. The sun will be on the west side of the building by class time, so the parking lot will be in the shade
  • Please wear your complete dobok (traditional uniform)
  • Please wear athletic shoes so you can train on the asphalt
  • Facemasks ARE required, pursuant to guidance issued by the county health department earlier this week
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Bring a bahng mahng ee (stick)

Attend a Second In-Person Class

We are now permitting students to attend a second in-person class each week, as long as there is space available. This is by reservation only.

The in-person classes are all "A" classes, focusing on boxing drills, sparring skills and forms. Regardless of how many of these classes your child attends each week, all students should continue to attend at least one "B" class on Zoom each week for weapons training and other instruction specific to their program. Leadership and Legacy Program members also are welcome to attend "C" classes on Zoom on Fridays.

Please watch this video to learn how to reserve your second class:


Virtual Holiday Party

Because we are unable to gather in person for our annual awards potluck, we are hosting a virtual holiday party instead.

We'll have a talent show, a forms tournament, and a presentation of awards. Please join us!

  • Date: This Saturday (Dec. 12)
  • Time: 5:30 pm
  • Location: Zoom, of course (you can access it from the Mobile Dojahng, just like you do for our virtual classes)

Help us Choose Award Recipients!

Each year, we recognize students who exemplify our life skills. Please help us by completing a nomination form. You do not have to nominate people in every category, and you are welcome to nominate your own child. Nominations are due Thursday (Dec. 10).

Sign up for the Talent Show

Show off your skills! Each participant has one minute to perform. Sing! Dance! Show off a gymnastics routine! Do magic tricks! Juggle bowling pins! Whatever your hidden skill is, we want to see it. Sign up here by Thursday (Dec. 10).

The winner of the talent show gets a free Personal XMA Seminar! (XMA is our Xtreme Martial Arts program, which teaches exciting performance skills. If you win this prize, you can choose instead to have a private lesson on the topic of your choice.)

Enter our Forms Tournament

Here's how it works:

  • Make a video of yourself doing your form
  • Post it in our Members' Facebook Group
  • Be sure your Facebook post includes the name of the student and the words "Virtual Tournament." (For example: "Chloe Smith Virtual Tournament.")
  • You must post your video by 5 pm on Thursday (Dec. 10)
  • At the Virtual Holiday Party, we will announce a winner. The prize is a free Personal XMA Seminar (described in the Talent Show section above).

Important Links


December 19-January 3: Winter Break

Our annual winter break will be from December 19-January 3. Because we will be closed for two weeks, you will miss four days of class. Between now and then, please attend four extra days of virtual class to makeup the missed time. If you do not manage to attend four extra days by the end of the year, you are welcome to makeup the remaining time in January or February.


December 19-January 3: Virtual Seminars with Sr. Master Schafer

During the winter break, Senior Master Nicholas Schafer and his team will offer a special series of virtual seminars just for our students! You can access the seminars from our Mobile Dojahng, just like our regular virtual classes. Here's the schedule:


  • 4 pm Tigers
  • 4:30 pm Family White-Camo
  • 5:30 pm Family Green-Red/Black
  • 6:15 pm Black Belts


  • Dec. 22 - 4:30 pm Nunchucks with Ms. Kolybakos
  • Dec. 29 - 4:30 pm Advanced Kicks with Sr. Master Schafer


  • 4 pm Tigers
  • 4:30 pm Family White-Camo
  • 5:30 pm Family Green-Red/Black
  • 6:15 pm Leadership

January 4-31: Parents Train Free!

Parents: Join our classes anytime in January and train for free for 30 days. There's no obligation! If you decide you want to continue after the free month, we'll have a discount offer for you. If not, then you can still use the free month to get a headstart on achieving your fitness goals in 2021.


January 9: FREE Fitness Bootcamp for Parents and Students


January 9: Zoom Meeting for All Parents and Students

Dear Students and Parents,

I have some important news to share with you. Please join me for a brief (15-20 minute) Zoom meeting Saturday (Jan. 9) at 3 pm. Click here to join the meeting, or find the link in our Mobile Dojahng. Thank you!

Sr. Master Schreiber


December 11-12: Graduation

You can choose a virtual graduation (Friday December 11) or an in-person one (Saturday December 12). All students who have been training consistently for the last 6-8 weeks should plan on graduating.

Click here for complete information, including:

  • How to sign up for a graduation session
  • Details on what you need to demonstrate
  • An explanation of how the graduation will work
  • Training videos to help you prepare
  • Information about our drive-through rank ceremony

We will have class as usual Monday through Thursday the week of graduation. We will not have virtual classes on Friday, December 11. There will be no in-person classes on Saturday, December 12.

BLACK BELTS: Please review our Black Belt Testing Procedures for details about the black belt testing.


Sr. Master Schreiber's Test for 8th Degree Black Belt

Dear Students and Parents,

On September 12, I tested for 8th Degree Black Belt. This event was the culmination of 38 years of martial arts training.

As you can imagine, testing for this rank is difficult under the best circumstances. It takes discipline, perseverance, focus and fitness. Doing so during a pandemic, while wearing a mask and breathing wildfire smoke certainly added to the challenge.

In normal times, the testing would have taken place during the ATA World Championship tournament in Little Rock last July. But that event was cancelled this year, and the ATA Masters' Council authorized Chief Master Fernando Jaime to host this testing in Rocklin instead.

The nice thing about this change of format is that it gave me the freedom to impose some additional challenges on myself.

Here is what I was required to do at the testing:

  • 7th degree black belt form
  • Two sparring matches
  • Board breaking

Here is what I chose to do:

  • 7th degree form
  • Two sparring matches
  • Board breaking
  • 6th degree form
  • 5th degree form
  • Single bahng mahng ee demonstration with Ms. Moorhead
  • 4th degree form
  • 3rd degree form
  • Double bahng mahng ee demonstration with Mr. Moorhead
  • 2nd degree form
  • 1st degree form
  • Jahng bong demonstration with Mr. Beleford
  • Advanced combinations with Sr. Master Josh Segal and Sr. Master Nicholas Schafer

I did this to demonstrate integrity: as an instructor, I try to hold my students to a high standard. So it was important that I do the same for myself. My goal was not to meet the minimum requirements for the rank, but rather to set an example for others of what it means to be an 8th degree black belt.

The decision to perform all of the black belt forms in descending order was inspired by the Zen Buddhist notion of "emptying the cup." According to legend, a student came to a Zen master to learn from him. But every time the master began to teach, the student claimed already to know the lesson. So the master offered the student a cup of tea. He poured until the cup was full, and kept pouring until the tea spilled onto the tray. When the student protested, the master said, "When the cup is full, it cannot take anymore tea. Likewise, in order for you to learn, you must first empty your cup."

Grand Master Soon Ho Lee said, "There is always more to learn." Though the rank of 8th degree represents the pinnacle of my martial arts progress, I wanted to demonstrate that upon earning that rank I am ready to be a student again so I can continue to learn. Working my way down from the 7th degree form to the 1st degree form was my way of symbolically emptying the cup.

I also intentionally chose difficult board breaks, including a jump 360 degree side kick and a flying side kick over an obstacle (Mr. Beleford). The flying side kick was one of the board breaks I performed when I tested for 1st degree black belt in 1985, and in my youth I often did that break after jumping over 6 or more people. My 47-year-old knees won't allow that anymore, but I wanted to jump over one person as an echo of my early years as a black belt.

The jump 360 degree side kick is extremely hard to do with accuracy. I knew that by doing it, I was taking the risk that I would not pass my testing. That was the point. I did not want to coast to the rank of 8th degree. I always tell students that your board break should be difficult when you first practice it and easy by the day of the testing: That's how you know you have demonstrated the discipline necessary to prepare.

After practicing this board break at length, I reached a point where I could consistently break on my first try. So I felt confident going into the testing on Saturday. But I also knew that performing under pressure is a much different experience from doing so during practice. Sure enough, when it came time to break I was dizzy from smoke, and breathless from wearing a mask and from having just done my form and sparred two matches with very little rest in between. (Normally, there are dozens of other people testing so there is time to rest after each event while the others perform. On Saturday, it was just me.)

The result: What was intended as a lesson in discipline and focus became a lesson in perseverance. I had more difficulty breaking with the jump 360 side kick than I have had with any board break at any testing in the last 35 years. I missed it three times. Grand Master In Ho Lee graciously allowed me two extra attempts, and I finally broke the boards.

The next step: patience and humility. I prefer for my performance to leave no room for uncertainty, but my trouble with the boards makes it impossible for me to predict whether I earned the promotion. The judges' scores will be tabulated, and I will learn the result in a few weeks. If I did not pass, then I'll do what I always urge my students to do after a difficult testing: absorb the disappointment and then resume training so I am even more prepared next time.

Thank you to all who watched my testing, and particularly to Mr. Riley Moorhead, Mr. John Beleford and Ms. Lexie Moorhead for helping me prepare and for being my partners for parts of my performance.

If you missed the testing, you can see it in the video above.

Sr. Master Schreiber


Are You Ready to Lead?

Our Leadership Program builds skills to help students succeed in school, at work and in relationships. And on top of that, we teach advanced martial arts and self-defense skills!

Senior Master Schreiber has developed a life skills and leadership skills curriculum that draws on both his extensive martial arts experience and his elite education: a BA from Harvard, a JD (magna cum laude) from Harvard Law School, and a PhD from Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. Leadership Program is his way of sharing the benefits of this experience with his students.

Leadership Program teaches…

  • Public speaking
  • Goal-setting and habit formation
  • Confident self-presentation
  • Healthy eating
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Combat weapons sparring
  • Advanced weapons (sword, long staff, double stick and double nunchucks)
  • Advanced bullying prevention
  • Women's self-defense
  • Knife defense
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (ground defense)
  • And more!

For more information, and to learn whether you or your child qualifies for Leadership Program, visit


Have a Black Belt Birthday Party!

Celebrate your child's birthday with a fun and exciting activity in a positive and safe environment! Your child and his or her friends can enjoy the world's most popular martial art under the careful supervision of a trained instructor.

Your child will be a black belt for the day! Everyone participates in an energetic class that teaches basic martial arts techniques and emphasizes courtesy, respect, self-control and discipline. The class is followed by refreshments. We provide drinks, and everyone gets martial arts party favors.

We'll even send out the invitations and thank you cards for you!

For only $249 you receive the following:

  • Up to 10 guests (add $15 for each additional guest)
  • 90-minute party including a martial arts class
  • Invitations emailed to all guests
  • RSVP tracking and follow-up phone calls
  • Martial arts party favors for all guests
  • Juice for all guests
  • Thank you cards mailed after the party

We host birthday parties on Saturdays from 2:30-4:00 pm.

Call (925) 957-9383 or email today to arrange your child's birthday party!


Safety Seminars for Your Youth Group

We are happy to offer a free Safety Seminar to your child's Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop, baseball team, or other youth group. Please contact Senior Master Schreiber for details.

For more photos of recent seminars, click here or here.


Bring an Instructor to Show and Tell

Did you know that our instructors can go to your school? We'll teach safety skills to your classmates, and you can help out as a junior leader! For example, Senior Master Schreiber visited Creative Play Center, where Siena Machado and Timmy Hiles helped him teach their classmates. (Click here for more photos).

If you would like one of our instructors to come to your school, just send an email to Provide the name of the student and parent, the name of the school, and the school contact information (contact person, phone number, address and email address). You can also bring this information to our front desk.


Invite a Friend to Try a Class!

Training with a friend will make your experience more enjoyable and keep you motivated. You're welcome to invite your friends to come to a free class with you any time.

Just complete this form to send your friend an invitation, and we will follow-up to make arrangements.


Join Our Facebook Group!

We have a private Facebook group for members and their families. This is where you will find announcements, details about upcoming events, and discussions relevant to your (or your child's) training.

Please click here to submit a request to join this group.


Package Discounts on Gear

We now offer several package discounts:

  • New Student Package
  • Camo Belt Package (sparring gear and bag)
  • Leadership Program Package
  • Legacy Program Package

These packages contain all of the equipment you need at each level. To order, login to the Member Resources section of our mobile app (or our website) and select Purchases from the grey menu. You can also go directly to the order form by clicking here.


Install Our Mobile App for Members!

Our mobile app for members is now available for both Apple and Android devices! Click here to install it:

Get easy access to our schedule, report star behavior for your child, schedule appointments or private lessons, see the latest news, view curriculum videos and much more! Watch the video below for a quick tour of the app.


We Welcome Your Feedback

We value your feedback. Our goal is to offer a rewarding experience to all of our students and their families. We know we're not perfect, but we are eager to improve. In order to do that, we need to know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

You are always encouraged to talk to Senior Master Schreiber or any other staff member about any concerns. However, if you prefer confidentiality, you can complete our online feedback form. Please do not worry about offending us, though of course we prefer polite feedback to hostile rants. Your comments are absolutely anonymous (unless you choose to provide your name). Thank you for your help!


Private Lessons and Appointments

Did you know we offer private lessons? They are a great way to prepare for an upcoming graduation or tournament, or just to polish up your skills.

Want to schedule a conference or private lesson with Senior Master Schreiber or another member of our staff? Just stop by the front desk or give us a call: (925) 957-9383.


Help Us Help More Kids

If you are the parent of an ATA Martial Arts member, then you know firsthand how much Taekwondo benefits kids. You've seen your child learn life skills like confidence, courtesy and self-control thanks to the Karate for Kids program. I believe this program can change lives. And I'm asking for your help reaching the kids whose lives need changing most.

There are children in our community and throughout the United States who don't have the advantages and opportunities that bless so many us. These children, who can least afford to enroll in martial arts, are the kids who would benefit most from the life skills we teach.

Team PRIDE is dedicated to serving those kids. Our goal is to help low-income children develop the values and confidence needed to avoid criminal behavior and to succeed in school and beyond. With your help, we can enable at-risk children to participate in Karate for Kids programs so that they can develop PRIDE (perseverance, respect, integrity, discipline, excellence).

There are currently about 20 children enrolled at our dojahng thanks to the assistance of Team PRIDE. Unfortunately, Team PRIDE is running short of the money needed to support these children. If you can contribute any money to Team PRIDE, these kids and their families would be very grateful.

If your employer participates in a United Way Workplace Campaign, please consider designating Team PRIDE as your preferred charity.

Donating is easy! You can leave cash or a check (payable to Team PRIDE) in our donation jar at the front counter or use our online donation form.

Because Team PRIDE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your donations are tax-deductible. For more information, please visit On behalf of the kids we serve, thank you.

- Senior Master Schreiber


Support Our Local Partners