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This Month's Life Skills and Writing Assignment

Foundational Program

  • Perseverance - Do your best and never give up

Leadership Program

  • Humility

    • Tiger definition: Understand that there is always more to learn
    • Junior & Adult definition: Be aware of your imperfections and your capacity for growth

    Writing Assignment Topics:

    • Tigers & Juniors: Discuss your greatest weakness and how you can overcome it
    • Teens & Adults: Same as Juniors

    Writing Assignment Options:

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Curriculum for This Cycle

Our training includes fitness development (flexibility, upper body strength, lower body strength, core strength and cardiovascular fitness), boxing drills, forms, board breaking and (for students in Black Belt Club, Leadership or Legacy Program) sparring and weapons skills.

This is our forms curriculum for the current graduation cycle:

ATA Tigers

  • White-Yellow Belts: Songahm 1 Phase A opp (#10-14)
  • Camo-Red Belts: Songahm 1 (2nd half)

Juniors & Adults

  • White-Yellow Belts: Songahm 1 (2nd half)
  • Camo-Red Belts: Songahm 4 (2nd half)
  • Red/Black Belts: Songahm 5-In Wha 2 (1st half)

New, Renewing & Upgrading Members

Happy Birthday!

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Tax Day Sale: Save 15% on Gear on April 15

Do you need weapons or other gear? Has your child outgrown his or her uniform or sparring equipment? Have you lost a sparring glove? Take advantage of our tax day sale! Place your order on Monday (April 15) and save 15% on all equipment!

Starting after the April graduation, we'll be working on ssahng jeol bong (nunchucks) in our curriculum classes, so if you or your child do not have one then this is a great opportunity to buy one. Leadership Program members will need combat weapons (padded sticks) starting in May, so now is the chance to get one of those. And with summer around the corner, you can use this discount to get your school T-shirt.

Please place your order in person at the front desk or call us at (925) 957-9383. This discount is not available using the online equipment order form.

(This offer cannot be combined with other discounts.)

April 26-27: Graduation

Our next graduation will be Friday, December 14, and our black belt testing will be Saturday, December 8. Watch this space for details.

Graduation is Friday, April 26 and Saturday, April 27.

If you are not yet ready to graduate, you will have class as usual Monday through Thursday of that week.

We do not have class on graduation days.

Pre-Test from Home!

You can pre-test in the comfort of your own home. Here's how it works:

  • Make a video of yourself doing your form
  • Post it in our private Facebook group (if you do not use Facebook, you can post it on YouTube and send a link to
  • We'll watch it, and we'll comment letting you know if you (a) have permission to graduate or (b) need to pre-test again
  • If need to pre-test again, you can submit another video or come to class on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of graduation week to do your pre-test in person

We encourage all students to do your pre-tests this way so that classes during graduation week can be devoted to training and preparing for graduation.

Once you have passed your pre-test, please click here to pay your graduation fees. (You will need to login in order to make your payment. If you are a parent, please use your child's login information instead of creating a new account.) There is a $15 late fee after Thursday.

Graduation Schedule

Monday-Thursday (April 22-25)
Classes as usual (review and pre-test)
Graduation fees due Thursday (see below)
Friday (April 26)
3:30 pm: Tigers Group 1 (White and Orange Belts)
4:30 pm: Tigers Group 2 (Yellow through Red Belts)
5:30 pm: Family Class Group 1 (White Belts)
6:30 pm: Family Class Group 2 (Orange and Recommended Yellow Belts)
7:30 pm: Family Class Group 3 (Decided Yellow and Camo Belts)
Saturday (April 27)
9:30 am: Family Class Group 4 (Green and Purple Belts)
10:30 am: Family Class Group 5 (Blue through Red Belts)
11:30 am: Black Belts
Graduation Fees:
White-Red Belts: $50
Leadership or Legacy Program Members: Free
You may also order a DVD containing the form form for your next rank. These DVDs normally cost $15 but are available for only $10 at the time you pay for your graduation.
$15 late fee will apply to payments received after Thursday (April 25)

Can't make it to graduation?

My expectation is that students will attend the regular scheduled graduation if at all possible. Being a part of that event allows you to demonstrate that you can perform under pressure, and it enables you to support your fellow students and benefit from their support and camaraderie. 

If you absolutely cannot be here for the scheduled graduation, please call me at (925) 957-9383 right away. In limited circumstances where there is an unavoidable conflict, I will permit students to attend a make-up graduation at one of the following times:

  • Wednesday, April 17 at 3:00 pm
  • Wednesday, April 17 at 8:30 pm

Those are the only times set aside for makeup graduations. In the past we have received numerous requests for individual makeup times, which imposes a burden on our staff and intrudes on class time for the rest of our students. Therefore, if you are unable to attend the scheduled graduation and you fail to attend one of the makeup times, there will be a $20 fee if you want to schedule a separate make-up graduation.

Black belts are required to test at the scheduled time and are not permitted to schedule make-up graduations.

Senior Master Schreiber

February 16: Valentine's Parents' Night Out (Movie Night)

Need a sitter for an evening? Bring the kids to our Parents' Night Out! Register now at

DATE: Monthly Birthday Bash

Every month, we offer a free birthday party to students whose birthdays fall in that month. Here's what you get:

  • 45-minute martial arts class
  • 45-minute party after the class
  • Invitations sent to all guests by mail and email
  • RSVP tracking and follow-up phone calls
  • Taekwondo party favors for all guests
  • Beverages for all guests
  • Thank you cards sent after the party

The MONTH Birthday Bash will be Saturday, DATE, from 2:00-3:30 pm. Speak to Sr. Master Schreiber to reserve your spot right away!

This summer we are offering several short camps in addition to our weeklong Rank Advancement Camp:

Friday Camps

Dates and Themes

  • June 22 - Ninjas vs. Pirates
  • July 20 - Superheroes vs. Jedi
  • August 10 - Gladiators


  • 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Early dropoff at 8:00 am

Who Can Do It?

  • Ages 6 and up
  • Beginners are welcome!


  • Just $40/day or $99 for all three!

Afternoon Mini-Camps

Dates and Themes

  • June 19 - Kama
  • July 3 - Nunchucks
  • July 10 - Bo Staff
  • July 17 - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (ground defense)
  • July 24 - Kama
  • July 31 - Nunchucks
  • August 7 - Bo Staff
  • August 14 - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


  • Tuesdays 2:00 - 3:00 pm

Who Can Do It?

  • Ages 6 and up
  • Beginners are welcome!


  • Just $20/day or $99 for all eight!
  • Weapons (if needed) are $25 each

Click to Register Now!

Click to Register Now!

October 31: Halloween Parties

Join us on October 31st for our free Halloween parties, and bring your friends! There will be no classes that day.

November 12: Holiday Event Order Deadline

Get your Christmas shopping done early with our biggest equipment sale of the year! The order deadline has been extended to Monday, November 12.

Here's how it works:

  1. Pick up holiday catalogs
    We have two catalogs for you. The Century catalog has the regular (non-sale) prices in it. Click here to see the regular (non-sale) prices for the World Martial Arts catalog.

  2. Place your order
    Each catalog has an order form in it. Complete the order forms and bring them to the front desk by no later than 8:30 pm on Monday, November 12th. If you want items that are not listed in the catalogs, let us know. We can get you any ATA equipment (weapons, sparring gear, uniforms) as part of this sale, even if they are not in the holiday catalogs.

  3. Pay your deposit
    When you give us your order form, you will pay a 50% deposit for your order

  4. We will determine your discount
    Before the event, we will determine what discount we are able to offer based on our bulk order. The discount will be somewhere between 15% and 25% off.

  5. Pick up your order at our Holiday Event
    The event will be Saturday, December 1st. When you pick up your order, you will pay any balance due after taking into account the discount and your 50% deposit.

    Example: Assume you select an item listed at $100 in the catalog. You pay $50 when you place the order. We determine that this year's discount will be 20%, bringing the total price of your order to $80. When you pick up your order, you will only pay $30.

    Note: You must pick up your gear at the Holiday Event in order to receive your discount. Orders picked up after the event will be regular (non-sale) price.

Please Vote for Us!

We are honored to have been named Bay Area Parent's Best Martial Arts for the last two years, and we want to keep the title.

Please vote! It's easy:

  • Click here
  • Under Sports & Fitness, click "Martial Arts Class"
  • Click "Master Schreiber's ATA Martial Arts" (first name on the list)

You will need to enter your email address and other info to ensure you don't vote multiple times, but you can de-select all of the checkboxes so you don't receive marketing emails. Thank you for your support!

Register Now for Summer Camp

Enrollment is now open for our martial arts summer camps for ages 5-12. With different themes each week, the camps will combine fun physical activities with instruction in safety skills and life skills like focus, self-control and confidence.

We are only offering three one-week camps this summer, and space is limited to 20 participants per week.

If you register by this April 30, you'll save 5%. We also offer multiple-session discounts and family discounts.

Visit to learn more and to reserve your spot.

Sign Up for Our Annual Photo Days

Ninja Star Photo is coming to our academy May 28-30 for our Annual School Photo Shoot!

Please be sure to sign up for a time slot. You will have the opportunity to buy photos if you choose, but even if you do not plan to purchase photos, please get your picture taken so you are included in our annual poster.

Just click here to sign up for your photo shoot.

Annual Awards Potluck

Please join us for our annual Awards Potluck!

Date: Saturday, December 15
Time: 1:30-3:00 pm
Location: Hidden Valley Elementary School, Multi-Use Room, 500 Glacier Drive, Martinez, CA (map)
Cost: FREE!
What to Bring: Click here to sign up for potluck items (will not work on mobile devices unless you have the Google Sheets app)

Please nominate students for our Life Skill Awards by completing the form below. If it does not appear below, you can find it here. Thank you!

July 4: Independence Day Parade (No Classes)

We will be closed Wednesday July 4th for the holiday. Please march with us in the Downtown Martinez 4th of July Parade!

Wear your complete uniform (no T-shirts), shoes and plenty of sunscreen.

We will meet at 9:30 am at the corner of Court and Main Streets.

The parade begins at 10:00 am sharp at Main and Court and moves west down Main St. to Alhambra Ave.

The announcers stand will be located on your left at the Main Street Plaza (600 block of Main St.) near Starbucks. We will stop there for a brief demo performance in front of the judges.

This is a forward moving parade - we need to keep a slow, safe and steady pace with no stopping along the route. We will have short demo team performances along the way and everyone can hand out flyers to the audience. For safety reasons, there is NO throwing candy or any other objects allowed.

After the parade, we will meet back near the announcers stand so parents can join back up with their kids. You are welcome to hang out in that area as the parade awards will be announced within 15-20 minutes after the parade has ended. Thank you and happy 4th of July!

The ATA's annual World Expo, which includes World Championship competition and other exciting activities, will be July 9-15 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Click here to register before June 11.

Win a Free Martial Arts Pizza Party!

We are hosting a free martial arts pizza party on July 27th for 5 lucky students and your friends. Here's how it works:

  1. Every time you come to class during June, you will earn a ticket, which we will put in a bucket
  2. At the end of the month, we will draw five tickets out of that bucket
  3. The five winners will each be allowed to invite 5 friends to the party on July 27th

Makeup Classes for Winter Break

Our annual winter break will be from December 22-January 6. Because we will be closed for two weeks, you will miss four days of class. Between now and then, please attend four extra days of class to makeup the missed time. If you do not manage to attend four extra days by the end of the year, you are welcome to makeup the remaining time in January or February.

January 5: FREE New Year Bootcamp

January 1-31: Parents Train Free!

January 7-11: Buddy Week with Speed Test Challenges

March 30: Tournament in Modesto

The next regional tournament will be March 30 in Modesto.

Click here to register online and print up registration forms. The deadline to pre-register is 8 pm on March 27.

There will be divisions for all ages (including ATA Tigers!) and all ranks. There's also a Novice Division for students who only know half of their form. The event is fun, friendly and a great opportunity to make new friends from ATA schools throughout the region.

Students can participate in the following categories:

  • Forms
  • Sparring (sparring gear required)
  • Traditional weapons (all students)
  • Combat weapons sparring (sparring gear required)
  • Creative forms (Leadership Program)
  • Creative weapons (Leadership Program)
  • Xtreme forms (Leadership Program)
  • Xtreme weapons (Leadership Program)

June 23: Walk to End Pancreatic Cancer

In 2017, we lost Lisa Tuzon to pancreatic cancer. Ms. Tuzon was my student, employee and friend for many years. She was a charismatic and caring instructor. She inspired her students and her fellow instructors with the passion and love that she brought to martial arts and to her daily life.

In Ms. Tuzon's memory, we will be participating in the PurpleStride Walk to End Pancreatic Cancer in San Francisco on June 23rd. Please join us!

Be sure to register as a member of our team by the end of the day Wednesday, June 19.

The event starts at 9 am on Sunday, June 23rd. We will meet at 8:30 am at Justin Herman Plaza (1 Market St) in San Francisco. Please wear a black ATA T-shirt and look for me. If you have trouble finding me, text (415) 269-5374.

Here are some useful links:

Thank you for your support!

Sr. Master Schreiber

Black Belt Prep: Saturday Boards or Forms Bootcamp

Take advantage of our free Boards or Forms Bootcamp every Saturday. This class is an opportunity for students to improve board-breaking skills and brush up on forms in preparation for the day when they will have to perform all nine forms (from white through red belt) for their black belt test.

The class alternates each week between board breaking and forms training. During forms week, we focus on just 1-2 forms each session. Click here to see a schedule showing the topic each week for the current year.


For more photos, see our Facebook photo album.

Dylan's Birthday Party

For more photos, see our Facebook photo album.

Christien's Birthday Party

For more photos, see our Facebook photo album.

Emmanuel's Birthday Party

For more photos, see our Facebook photo album.

Bobby's Birthday Party

For more photos, see our Facebook photo album.

Gabriel's Birthday Party

For more photos, see our Facebook photo album.

Cub Scouts Blue & Gold Dinner

For more photos, see our Facebook photo album.

February Graduation

For more photos, see our Facebook photo album.

Valentine's Parents Night Out

For more photos, see our Facebook photo album.

Are You Ready to Lead?

Our Leadership Program builds skills to help students succeed in school, at work and in relationships. And on top of that, we teach advanced martial arts and self-defense skills!

Senior Master Schreiber has developed a life skills and leadership skills curriculum that draws on both his extensive martial arts experience and his elite education: a BA from Harvard, a JD (magna cum laude) from Harvard Law School, and a PhD from Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. Leadership Program is his way of sharing the benefits of this experience with his students.

Leadership Program teaches…

  • Public speaking
  • Goal-setting and habit formation
  • Confident self-presentation
  • Healthy eating
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Combat weapons sparring
  • Advanced weapons (sword, long staff, double stick and double nunchucks)
  • Advanced bullying prevention
  • Women's self-defense
  • Knife defense
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (ground defense)
  • And more!

For more information, and to learn whether you or your child qualifies for Leadership Program, visit

Have a Black Belt Birthday Party!

Celebrate your child's birthday with a fun and exciting activity in a positive and safe environment! Your child and his or her friends can enjoy the world's most popular martial art under the careful supervision of an ATA-qualified instructor.

The birthday child is a black belt for a day! Everyone participates in an energetic 45-minute class that teaches basic martial arts techniques and emphasizes courtesy, respect, self-control and discipline. The class is followed by a 45-minute party. We provide pizza and drinks. The birthday child opens gifts and everyone gets Taekwondo party favors.

We'll even send out the invitations for you!

For only $199 you receive the following:

  1. Up to 10 guests (add $15 for each additional guest)
  2. 45-minute martial arts class
  3. 45-minute party after the class
  4. Invitations sent to all guests
  5. Martial arts party favors for all guests
  6. Thank you cards sent to all guests

Call (925) 957-9383 or email today to arrange your child's birthday party!

Safety Seminars for Your Youth Group

We are happy to offer a free Safety Seminar to your child's Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop, baseball team, or other youth group. Please contact Senior Master Schreiber for details.

For more photos of recent seminars, click here or here.

Bring an Instructor to Show and Tell

Did you know that our instructors can go to your school? We'll teach safety skills to your classmates, and you can help out as a junior leader! For example, Senior Master Schreiber visited Creative Play Center, where Siena Machado and Timmy Hiles helped him teach their classmates. (Click here for more photos).

If you would like one of our instructors to come to your school, just send an email to Provide the name of the student and parent, the name of the school, and the school contact information (contact person, phone number, address and email address). You can also bring this information to our front desk.

Invite a Friend to Try a Class!

Training with a friend will make your experience more enjoyable and keep you motivated. You're welcome to invite your friends to come to a free class with you any time.

Just complete this form to send your friend an invitation, and we will follow-up to make arrangements.

Join Our Facebook Group!

We have a private Facebook group for members and their families. This is where you will find announcements, details about upcoming events, and discussions relevant to your (or your child's) training.

Please click here to submit a request to join this group.

Package Discounts on Gear

We now offer several package discounts:

  • New Student Package
  • Camo Belt Package (sparring gear and bag)
  • Leadership Program Package
  • Legacy Program Package

These packages contain all of the equipment you need at each level. To order, login to the Member Resources section of our mobile app (or our website) and select Purchases from the grey menu. You can also go directly to the order form by clicking here.

Install Our Mobile App for Members!

Our mobile app for members is now available for both Apple and Android devices! Click here to install it:

Get easy access to our schedule, report star behavior for your child, schedule appointments or private lessons, see the latest news, view curriculum videos and much more! Watch the video below for a quick tour of the app.

A Fun Novel for Your Young Reader

Sr. Master Schreiber's wife Helena Echlin has written a comic supernatural horror romance for young adults (and the young at heart) about what happens when mean girls get superpowers and have to save the world. It's called Sparked, and it is now available in bookstores and on Amazon.

Click here to order Sparked

Watch the trailer:

We Welcome Your Feedback

We value your feedback. Our goal is to offer a rewarding experience to all of our students and their families. We know we're not perfect, but we are eager to improve. In order to do that, we need to know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

You are always encouraged to talk to Senior Master Schreiber or any other staff member about any concerns. However, if you prefer confidentiality, you can complete our online feedback form. Please do not worry about offending us, though of course we prefer polite feedback to hostile rants. Your comments are absolutely anonymous (unless you choose to provide your name). Thank you for your help!

Private Lessons and Appointments

Did you know we offer private lessons? They are a great way to prepare for an upcoming graduation or tournament, or just to polish up your skills.

Want to schedule a conference or private lesson with Senior Master Schreiber or another member of our staff? Just stop by the front desk or give us a call: (925) 957-9383.

Help Us Help More Kids

If you are the parent of an ATA Martial Arts member, then you know firsthand how much Taekwondo benefits kids. You've seen your child learn life skills like confidence, courtesy and self-control thanks to the Karate for Kids program. I believe this program can change lives. And I'm asking for your help reaching the kids whose lives need changing most.

There are children in our community and throughout the United States who don't have the advantages and opportunities that bless so many us. These children, who can least afford to enroll in martial arts, are the kids who would benefit most from the life skills we teach.

Team PRIDE is dedicated to serving those kids. Our goal is to help low-income children develop the values and confidence needed to avoid criminal behavior and to succeed in school and beyond. With your help, we can enable at-risk children to participate in Karate for Kids programs so that they can develop PRIDE (perseverance, respect, integrity, discipline, excellence).

There are currently about 20 children enrolled at our dojahng thanks to the assistance of Team PRIDE. Unfortunately, Team PRIDE is running short of the money needed to support these children. If you can contribute any money to Team PRIDE, these kids and their families would be very grateful.

If your employer participates in a United Way Workplace Campaign, please consider designating Team PRIDE as your preferred charity.

Donating is easy! You can leave cash or a check (payable to Team PRIDE) in our donation jar at the front counter or use our online donation form.

Because Team PRIDE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your donations are tax-deductible. For more information, please visit On behalf of the kids we serve, thank you.

- Senior Master Schreiber

Support Our Local Partners