Physical Training

Each month, Senior Master Schreiber's training focuses on different areas of the Songahm Taekwondo forms, one-steps, weapons and self-defense curriculum.

Master Schreiber also maintains his physical fitness with a variety of training activities: Mountain biking, weight lifting, stretching, jumping rope, etc. He logs his training on the President's Challenge website.

You can join Senior Master Schreiber and challenge yourself to stay fit! Go to and create an account. Then click "Groups," search for "Master Schreiber,"and join the Master Schreiber's ATA Martial Arts group. Record your workouts on this site and improve your fitness.

This chart lists the forms, one-steps, weapons and self-defense curricula on which Master Schreiber focused each month while training to be a Senior Master:

  Songahm Taekwondo Weapons & Self-Defense
August Songahm 1-2 (form & one-steps) Single ssahng jeol bong & single bahng mahng ee
September Songahm 3-4 (form & one-steps) Double ssahng jeol bong
October Songahm 5 (form & one-steps) & In Wha 1 Double bahng mahng ee
November In Wha 2 & Choong Jung 1 Ssahng nat
December Choong Jung 2 Jahng bong (mid-range)
January Color belt sparring drills 1-6 Jahng bong (long-range)
February Color belt board breaking Jee pahng ee & sam dan bong
March color belt certification course Protech forms
April Shim Jun & Jung Yul Single and double combat weapons sparring
May Chung San & Sok Bong Pressure Points Control Tactics (PPCT) and Sexual Harassment, Assault and Rape Prevention (SHARP) or Krav Maga
June Chung Hae & Jahngsoo Joint locks & knife defense
July Black belt certification course Protech open hand

This is Master Schreiber's current training schedule: